Cistech Limited is a professional consulting company that delivers Consulting Services. Cistech Limited provides its clients with the following services:

"The Protocol, QA, Project Management and R&D Specialists - helping clients deliver more dependable products"

Located in the National Capital Region, Cistech Limited has strong relationship with both the public and private sector, universities and other research institutions and a reputation for a commitment to excellence.

Cistech's research is focused on Protocol Analysis and Simulation. Provide a comparative performance evaluation of new network protocols before deployment into existing networks to make them faster, more flexible, more secure and ensure that resources are used efficiently. Cistech offers its expertise in providing suggestions on the protocol suit deployment to meet the networking requirements.


Paper Published in Globecom 2011: Performance Modeling of Routing Dependability in Home Networks. View publications.. names Cistech Limited as one of Canada's top 100 fastest growing companies in 2005
and 2006

Quick Facts:
  • Cistech Limited was founded in 1990.
  • Canadian owned and operated.
  • Providing Protocol Anaylsis, Project Management and Research and Development services to several private and government agencies.
  • On the mobile wireless front, Cistech offers research and development expertise on wireless protocols for sensor and mobile applications and also on performance related dependability of mobile devices.